SuperDuper Hats in the New York Times (and at Hartford York, of course)

Did you see the New York Times piece on SuperDuper Hats? Since I am the first American retailer to sell the hats by Matteo Gioli and Veronica Cornacchini, I was interested to see how the couple who founded the brand are doing.

In the article, called “At Pitti Uomo in Florence, Put a Hat on It,” it confirms that their hats are “now are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges and 200 other stores worldwide.”

SuperDuper Black Fedora at

SuperDuper Black Fedora at

I came across SuperDuper at a trade show in Vegas two years ago. It was an incredible performance piece with swarthy Italian models dressed in period apparel with hats that he made for them. Lots of people milling around. A small selection of product really caught my eye, and I knew in an instant that he’d be a hit.

In fact, we sold out two of his creations last Spring, SD1 and SD2, and are in the process of re-ordering. Customers love these hats, leaving reviews that read:

  • I’m very excited about my purchase. I love it. It’s a cool hat. Thanks.
  • The black SuperDuper fedora is simply the best hat, the most comfortable hat, the most complimented hat and the finest quality hat that I own. Thank you for the opportunity to own a masterpiece!

And wait til you see the SuperDuper hats for the Spring/Summer 2015 season! There’s The Duke, a rare find, crafted from decades-old woven parabuntal fiber that lay moribund in a dusty Italian warehouse until rescued by a bright young Pitti Uomo award winner designer, Matteo Gioli, and crafted into one of the lightest, and finest, fedoras I’ve even seen. You won’t be disappointed.

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