Easter–Best Time For Hat Experiments

Straw Dress Hats and Fedoras - Men's Mr. Green Sewn Braid Hat - The Frank FedoraThe true hat-wearers among us don’t need excuses to wear hats on a daily basis. The Easter holidays, though, are a great opportunity to experiment with some of the fancier styles or patterns that might take us out of our comfort zone.

Easter is pretty much the last major holiday where buying a new hat or bonnet, and then showing it off, is still a widely practiced (albeit church-based) tradition. In case you don’t remember, getting a new Easter hat is part of the celebration of the end of Lent, a 40-day pre-Easter religious period of denial. For the observant, new hats and outfits became part of the symbolic rebirth.

For people who don’t regularly wear more than ballcaps, this time of year is perfect to try out a new type of hat. Not only is Easter a ready-made “excuse”, but you’ve also got that more urgent one: spring fever!

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Home Shopping Hat Parties

Dress Hats and Porkpies - Men's Makins Woven Synthetic Horse Hair Hat - The Bleeker Street PorkpieI’ve just been reminded of the popularity of home shopping parties–long-famous with Tupperware and Avon, this venue of private home shopping amongst friends and family got another boost with the lingerie parties. (So I’m told, so I’m told!)

I’m thinking hats, not underwear, but maybe I’ll expand someday. . .(I mean, I do offer socks and a pair of boxers). Anyway, I digress.

Let’s say I have a bunch of people to my place who don’t wear hats. There’s music, there’s wine, there’s conversation. And then there are a zillion or so hat samples all over the place–from the “non-threatening” sun visor and ball cap to dress Panama fedoras, porkpies and ladies sun hats. Seems to me a pretty painless way to introduce the joys of hat-wearing to both the completely uninitiated and to the stuck-in-a-rut one-style-only headgear crowd.

Let me put this out: would you go to a hat party? Would you hold a hat party if you knew you could get a good hat for half-price as a hosting gift?

I’m sending invites to mine — let me know if you’re interested.

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