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Men's Hats and Women's Hats at HartfordYork.com - From fur felt fedoras to caps and classics like The Ambassador Winter Hat by Miller Hats. Made of dyed Persian lambs wool. Order your hat today!An article in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, called Hats Get An Upsurge In Popularity, contains some fashion trends and advice from industry experts:

Specific Trends
Hats seem to be in style at all times, though the specific hat style trends come and go,” says Shannon Fischer, junior account executive for The Baddish Group, a New York marketing firm that researches hats. “For example, the slouchy beret is the hot item this winter. Certainly, more celebrities have been spotted in winter accessories, and hat popularity is skyrocketing.”

The Classics
“We’ve seen the return of the more structured, classic hats,” says Gregg Andrews, a fashion director for Nordstrom Department Stores. “A lot of these hats have that vintage feel to them, and they look great.”

Michael Carl, fashion director for Allure magazine agrees: “A black hat and black coat looks great and pretty much works for everybody. It always looks chic.”

Renew Your Outfit
A great hat can spice up a casual jean outfit and make it much more stylish and fabulous. Conversely, a hat can dress down a more classic formal outfit in a chic and trendy way, Fischer says. Even a plain outfit can be jazzed up with a funky hat.

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