SuperDuper Hats in the New York Times (and at Hartford York, of course)

Did you see the New York Times piece on SuperDuper Hats? Since I am the first American retailer to sell the hats by Matteo Gioli and Veronica Cornacchini, I was interested to see how the couple who founded the brand are doing.

In the article, called “At Pitti Uomo in Florence, Put a Hat on It,” it confirms that their hats are “now are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges and 200 other stores worldwide.”

SuperDuper Black Fedora at

SuperDuper Black Fedora at

I came across SuperDuper at a trade show in Vegas two years ago. It was an incredible performance piece with swarthy Italian models dressed in period apparel with hats that he made for them. Lots of people milling around. A small selection of product really caught my eye, and I knew in an instant that he’d be a hit.

In fact, we sold out two of his creations last Spring, SD1 and SD2, and are in the process of re-ordering. Customers love these hats, leaving reviews that read:

  • I’m very excited about my purchase. I love it. It’s a cool hat. Thanks.
  • The black SuperDuper fedora is simply the best hat, the most comfortable hat, the most complimented hat and the finest quality hat that I own. Thank you for the opportunity to own a masterpiece!

And wait til you see the SuperDuper hats for the Spring/Summer 2015 season! There’s The Duke, a rare find, crafted from decades-old woven parabuntal fiber that lay moribund in a dusty Italian warehouse until rescued by a bright young Pitti Uomo award winner designer, Matteo Gioli, and crafted into one of the lightest, and finest, fedoras I’ve even seen. You won’t be disappointed.

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Thoughtful Fashion for Men in 2013

9_LAI_STRIPE_027In Bill Cunningham’s first On the Street segment for 2013, the fashion photographer says the trend in men’s fashion is moving from dress-down Friday disheveled to thoughtfully and wonderfully dressed.

The difference is as striking, he adds, as when fitted jackets and trousers appeared in the 1950s replacing the very full silhouette seen in the decade prior.

Mr. Cunningham’s slideshow, a weekly feature in the The New York Times, is not specific to men’s hats, but in viewing the images, you’ll see everyday well-dressed men (in a cold Manhattan) wearing everything from an enormous Russian fur ushanka to a great-looking fedora, as well as a variety of flat caps, newsboys and watch caps.

He concludes that the overall direction that men’s fashion is taking is “to clean up your act. The dress-down Friday is not going to work.”

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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A Look at The Foldaway

Christys' London Fur Felt Fedora - The Foldaway at - ImageThis fur felt fedora by Christys’ London has been quietly racking up five-star reviews, and being one of my all-time favorite hats, I thought I’d share in the celebration:

  • David from Little Rock calls The Foldaway a great hat, saying: I love the hat. This purchase was a replacement for my old and well worn one that was ready for retirement.
  • DRS says it’s “as good as the first time.” Meaning? “My purchase from HY of the Christy’s Foldaway trilby is my second such purchase, having lost the first in a NYC cab. Still the best.”
  • Martin G. of New York concurs, calling the fedora “A very fine hat. I like the fact that it can be shaped and it is not rigid. Sizing is accurate. This is my first day wearing it and confidence is high.”
  • In California, Christopher C. posted this review: “I bought this hoping it would look as good on me as it did in the picture. I was pleased. Since it is a foldaway, it is thinner and more casual looking than a standard fur felt hat. It is still quite striking.”
  • Dale C. says: “I like to take a hat when I travel, but they always end up getting crushed in the aircraft overhead bin. This one rolls up nicely and fits in my carry on or blazer pocket. It sometimes requires a bit of manipulation to get it back to the desired shape, but this is a very small issue for the convenience of a fine fur felt fedora roll-up.”
  • His “favorite hat by far”, R.B. from South Carolina posts: “I now have two fur felt fedoras for winter wear. This is far and away the better of the two! It only comes in Burma so I wear it with greens and browns. If they had the same hat in Grey to wear with blues and blacks, I’d get it and give my other fur felt away.”
  • Gary M. finds The Foldaway versatile, saying: “I’ve had this had for at least three years. You really can crush it, or roll it up, Then “re-inflate” it, reshape it, and it’s ready to go. It can assume a variety of shapes. Its only drawback is that it is limited in how dressy it can look. After few years the re-shaping makes it look a bit shabby, but it still works great as a less formal hat. I’m still wearing it that way.”

Thanks, as always, for making your go-to online hat store and for taking the time to provide feedback. Very much appreciated.

Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Men in Ball Caps

Wigens Cashmere Ball Cap at - ImageThere have been ongoing debates (and some full on battles) in the world of hats regarding baseball caps for quite some time — are they “serious” enough to be considered real hats? Should grown-ups even wear ball caps (other than to games)? Can they ever be actual fashion statements or forever relegated to teens and musicians who too frequently wear them sideways and backwards?

I don’t know how I missed a post called A Grown Up Baseball Hat at the blog By George, I Found It!, but it cites the JB Stetson caps at Hartford York as those that can help make the transition from being just a kid in a cap to a sophisticated man with style.

It’s certainly true that ball caps are no longer simply the “cloth baseball hat of either [a man’s] undergraduate alma mater or his son’s little league team.” If you look at the ball caps we offer, you’ll note we carry exclusive items (see the Victor Osborne Ball Cap No. V05) as well as caps from famous designer brand names like Borsalino — in addition to John B. Stetson, 1333 Minna, Goorin and Eugenia Kim.

Every material you can think of is offered in ball caps, from leather to cashmere, cotton and woolen tweed and you can even get winter cap with hidden earflaps (that’s the Wigens cap shown here).

I guess the debate can now be deemed officially over. Fashionable ball caps are no longer the exception, and if you choose to wear yours back to front, I might shudder gently, but I won’t say a thing.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Win a $150 JB Stetson newsboy cap

The JB Stetson Silk/Cashmere Hatteras at HartfordYork.comIf you’ve got a twitter account, you can enter to win The JB Stetson Silk/Cashmere Hatteras, a men’s cap with a retail value of $150.

This beautiful herringbone newsboy is made from a blend of 50% summer weight wool, 30% silk and 20% cashmere. It features impeccable stitching, cotton lining with Stetson embroidered logo and the Stetson icon pinned to the back.

Two five-star reviews have been posted on the Hartford York STC1 product page, as follows:

Very elegant, yet casual, smooth and appealing… a must have!


Excellent material. Great fit. Exactly what I have been seeking for a casual everyday hat.

I’ve been over the various prizes at the competition site called, and I must say that this $150 newsboy cap is really one of the very nicest prizes. Good luck to everyone who enters and thanks for playing!

If you don’t have a twitter account, I’d advise you to get one — then you can enter this contest AND follow me at @hartfordyork.

To enter, go to:

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Men Buying Hats in Droves

Santana Stingy Brim FedoraWell, it’s official. The male shopper is back, and he’s stocking up on hats and accessories.

According to an article in the business section of The New York Times, men have stepped out of the recession and are buying big time again. In fact,

“Men are buying so many accessories that some forecasters predict sales growth for men’s clothing and accessories during the first three months of this year will set a 20-year high.”

This is great news, not only for retailers, but for all fashion-loving gentlemen who agree with Eric Jennings (the fashion director for men’s wear at Saks Fifth Avenue) who was quoted in the article as saying:

“If [men have] learned one thing through the recession, it’s that looking schlumpy is not going to help you keep your job, get promoted or get a new job. I think they’re taking their appearance more seriously.”

It’s true. A fine hat or cap–which does not have to be prohibitively expensive–always makes a good impression. It implies self-confidence and independence (the wearer doesn’t look like everyone else) as well as pride in appearance.

And if you look the part, you’ll be the part.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Cause it Fits My Head

Santana Fur Felt Fedora - The Magic Woman at HartfordYork.comI saw a quote attributed to Robert Redford’s character in The Horse Whisperer, a movie that came out some 15 years ago. In my opinion, his laconic answer to the question “Why do you always wear a hat?” is the best part of the film:

Cause it fits my head.

Men who wear hats often field that question — women hat wearers don’t seem to as much. And it’s only certain types of hats that get the question: ball caps are exempt as are most winter hats.

It’s when you get into the area of fedoras, bowlers and pork pies that you really get the queries coming. Some questions are from fellow hat-admirers, like “Where did you get it?” and “How much did it cost?” — but other questions are, well, questionable.

There’s the inevitable “why” and then there’s the very strange “Do you like hats?” query. How is a hat wearer to respond? Sarcasm is tempting, but probably not great for the soul, so a truthful answer might be the best approach, if not the most immediately gratifying.

Look at it this way: when you tell the questioning hatless that you wear hats because you like how they look and how they make you look, you just might have a convert at hand. Now that’s satisfying!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Downton Abbey popularity boosts vintage clothing sales

Christys' Fur Felt Top Hat - The Top HatHave you been caught up in the period drama series broadcast by PBS, Downton Abbey? Just entering its second season, the show is doubling U.S. audiences, and its widespread popularity is having a corresponding effect on the sales of vintage clothing.

I don’t doubt it — the costumes are fabulous and that’s for both men and women, as all facets of dress are shown, from fox hunting attire to finery worn to tea parties and balls. I have a sharp eye out when it comes to hats, of course, and am in a state of near-constant drooling when I see the top hats, bowlers, tweed caps and fedoras worn by all the pre-WWI men pictured in and around this Edwardian country house setting.

Of course, the war changes life (not just fashion) dramatically in every way imaginable. Read Country Houses in Medical Service for a great overview on how each aspect of society was irrevocably altered.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Hats, Sunglasses Essential In This Heat Wave

Men's Borsalino Straw Pork Pie Hat - The Baku at HartfordYork.comWell, the American East Coast heatwave is officially in full force. AccuWeather expects that

the oppressive heat gripping the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will hold strong through the middle of the week. While temperatures will come down a bit Thursday into Friday, rising humidity will keep it feeling uncomfortably hot.

If you need to venture outdoors, use common sense and follow top sun safety tips issued by the Environmental Working Group: wear sunscreen; stay out of the sun whenever possible or make shade; wear more clothes rather than less. Here, in addition to shirts, shorts or pants that help shield your skin from the sun’s UV rays, the EWG specifically lists hats and sunglasses (the latter “protect your eyes from UV radiation, a cause of cataracts”) as items you should make sure to wear.

I for one have no problem putting on a hat or cap when leaving the house — I tend to misplace my sunglasses, though, and have been keeping an extra pair in the car just in case. Cataracts are serious, to be sure, but there’s also all that wrinkle-making squinting to be reckoned with.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Teens in Hats – No, Really!

1333 Minna Cotton Cadet Cap - The Farewell at HartfordYork.comCool isn’t usually the first word most teens think of when moms yells: “Wear a hat!” as the kids race out the front door. So how to get teens to cover up in the sun?

At, we carry designer hats that appeal to teens (and to the young at heart).

Look at the caps from 1333 Minna, for instance, which feature innovative designs by young artists in a variety of styles (from ball caps and cadet caps to fashion ivy caps and even fedoras). Other designers sure to make young hearts (and heads) happy include Robert Graham and Scala and — for girls only: Callanan, Cappelli and Helen Kaminski.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer,
The Young At Heart
CEO Hartford York

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