Hats Never Make Your Bum Look Big – Stephen Jones, milliner

Stephen Jones, hat-maker extraordinaire, gives an interview which you can watch and/or read in full at Times Online.

He’s an early riser, using the quiet time to sketch new hat designs, before facing the day in London’s Covent Garden, where the studio and shop are. Inspiration comes from everything, says Jones, including a “15th-century farm-worker’s knitted hood and a 1960s hat with tendrils by Simone Mirman, who was one of the Queen’s milliners.” He loves that hats tell a story and thinks that

hats are a great leveller. Everyone likes trying them on — rich, poor, young, old, thin, fat… And you can transform from one thing into another. Put on a gold baseball cap and you’re 50 Cent; wear a pea-green hat for your daughter’s wedding and you can be the lady of the manor.

The BEST thing about hats, of course, confirms Stephen Jones is that

you never have that awful “does-my-bum-look-big-in-this?” moment.

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