A Look at The Foldaway

Christys' London Fur Felt Fedora - The Foldaway at HartfordYork.com - ImageThis fur felt fedora by Christys’ London has been quietly racking up five-star reviews, and being one of my all-time favorite hats, I thought I’d share in the celebration:

  • David from Little Rock calls The Foldaway a great hat, saying: I love the hat. This purchase was a replacement for my old and well worn one that was ready for retirement.
  • DRS says it’s “as good as the first time.” Meaning? “My purchase from HY of the Christy’s Foldaway trilby is my second such purchase, having lost the first in a NYC cab. Still the best.”
  • Martin G. of New York concurs, calling the fedora “A very fine hat. I like the fact that it can be shaped and it is not rigid. Sizing is accurate. This is my first day wearing it and confidence is high.”
  • In California, Christopher C. posted this review: “I bought this hoping it would look as good on me as it did in the picture. I was pleased. Since it is a foldaway, it is thinner and more casual looking than a standard fur felt hat. It is still quite striking.”
  • Dale C. says: “I like to take a hat when I travel, but they always end up getting crushed in the aircraft overhead bin. This one rolls up nicely and fits in my carry on or blazer pocket. It sometimes requires a bit of manipulation to get it back to the desired shape, but this is a very small issue for the convenience of a fine fur felt fedora roll-up.”
  • His “favorite hat by far”, R.B. from South Carolina posts: “I now have two fur felt fedoras for winter wear. This is far and away the better of the two! It only comes in Burma so I wear it with greens and browns. If they had the same hat in Grey to wear with blues and blacks, I’d get it and give my other fur felt away.”
  • Gary M. finds The Foldaway versatile, saying: “I’ve had this had for at least three years. You really can crush it, or roll it up, Then “re-inflate” it, reshape it, and it’s ready to go. It can assume a variety of shapes. Its only drawback is that it is limited in how dressy it can look. After few years the re-shaping makes it look a bit shabby, but it still works great as a less formal hat. I’m still wearing it that way.”

Thanks, as always, for making HartfordYork.com your go-to online hat store and for taking the time to provide feedback. Very much appreciated.

Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Wrinkles Behind the A-List Hat Revival

Hartford York - Men's Biltmore Velour Fur Felt Fedora - The DesignerIn Capping a Look, Times writer Lisa Armstrong says that wrinkles are rescuing the millinery business. More than just Johnny Depp and P Diddy giving fedoras attitude again, Ms. Armstrong says that “A-listers are increasingly taking steps to protect their faces from the sun”, citing Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller as prime examples.

“Carefully chosen,” add Armstrong, “hats are highly flattering, framing the face, casting shadows that create angles and highlight cheekbones.” She adds: “Nothing creates the illusion of cheekbones with so little pain. Plus it keeps the rain off. You can’t say the same for implants.”

Thanks for reading,
Steve ‘Cheekbones’ Singer
CEO Hartford York

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