How Many Hats Do You Own?

Biltmore Fur Felt Stingy Brim Hat - The Peluche Pork Pie at HartfordYork.comAlthough there are certain men among us who admit to not owning even one hat (!), those fashionable gents who do wear flat caps, fedoras and pork pies tend to own at least a few hats, if not several. I suppose I have about ten favorite hats and caps — per season — that I wear, plus some that have seen better days (but I still use in a pinch).

Because I sell hats for a living, which entails meeting and working with hat designers, going on photo shoots and so on, I’m obviously in the enviable position of having access to all styles of hats in numbers that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

On the other hand, it can be very trying for a hat lover such as myself to constantly beMakins Fur Felt  Hat - The Salome Pork Pie at presented with the latest newsboy or fedora from master hatters like Borsalino and Wigens, and be introduced to new designers like Eugenia Kim and Victor Osborne. I continually see updated looks or some unique design that puts a new hat in my ever-growing list of favorites.

For instance, when Biltmore came out with The Peluche, a remarkably beautiful pork pie hat with its long, uncombed nap, it made the unequivocal declaration of my new favorite fur felt pork pie (Makins’ Salome — the brushed dress hat with rope trim) feel dishonest. There was in fact an absolute tie between the two impeccably designed and flawlessly made hats that left no room for preference.

Loving all well-made, stylish hats equally, the only solution to hat-hoarding must be either an intervention (ha!) or a larger cupboard/temperature-controlled display case. I’ll leave you to decide which path you think I’ll take.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


Men’s Hats and Caps for Spring/Summer 2012

Our new collection of Spring/Summer hats and caps is in — if you haven’t leafed through the eCatalog, why not take a few minutes? You’ll like what you see.

There are the men’s hats by noted NYC hat designer Eugenia Kim (which were created exclusively for Hartford York, by the way) as well as those from Anthony Peto of Paris, including one cap called The Tweedledee.

Another exclusive to Hartford York (and you) is from the Santana by Carlos Santana line of hats. It’s called The Santana Special and I think you’ll enjoy wearing this stingy brim all summer long.

One of my favorites in the new hats this season has got to be the one from Borsalino they call The Mazzini. It’s made from braided abaca, which is leaf stalks from a species of banana tree native to the Phillipines. The weave is open and you’ll see hints of two tones of color throughout. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Linen is a great warm weather material, and there’s a newsboy from JB Stetson in plaid that’s fresh and sings of Spring, as does The Inti Ivy Cap from Robert Graham (a linen/cotton blend driver style cap that’s just too cool for school).

You know I could go on, but I need to get back to the site to ogle hats — I mean, to help customers. Let me know which hat is your new favorite!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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