Men in Ball Caps

Wigens Cashmere Ball Cap at - ImageThere have been ongoing debates (and some full on battles) in the world of hats regarding baseball caps for quite some time — are they “serious” enough to be considered real hats? Should grown-ups even wear ball caps (other than to games)? Can they ever be actual fashion statements or forever relegated to teens and musicians who too frequently wear them sideways and backwards?

I don’t know how I missed a post called A Grown Up Baseball Hat at the blog By George, I Found It!, but it cites the JB Stetson caps at Hartford York as those that can help make the transition from being just a kid in a cap to a sophisticated man with style.

It’s certainly true that ball caps are no longer simply the “cloth baseball hat of either [a man’s] undergraduate alma mater or his son’s little league team.” If you look at the ball caps we offer, you’ll note we carry exclusive items (see the Victor Osborne Ball Cap No. V05) as well as caps from famous designer brand names like Borsalino — in addition to John B. Stetson, 1333 Minna, Goorin and Eugenia Kim.

Every material you can think of is offered in ball caps, from leather to cashmere, cotton and woolen tweed and you can even get winter cap with hidden earflaps (that’s the Wigens cap shown here).

I guess the debate can now be deemed officially over. Fashionable ball caps are no longer the exception, and if you choose to wear yours back to front, I might shudder gently, but I won’t say a thing.

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Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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A Hat Full of Compliments

Fall/Winter Caps and Baseball Hats from Hartford York - Ivy Caps & Ball Caps - Wigens Shearling BallcapIn case you need a little coaching, cultural anthropologist and writer Dustin Wax has an article over on called How to Take a Compliment. One suggestion he makes is that you look at compliments in the same way you view gifts. You don’t usually decline a present or laugh at the person who’s giving it to you; you receive unexpected gifts with surprised pleasure and thanks.

As you might guess, I’m pretty accustomed to accepting compliments. I mean, I don’t get them about my person, like “Hey, you’re looking really really good, man” or anything–it’s pretty much, well, really it’s always the hats that get the praise, of course: “Wow. Nice hat, guy. Where’d ya get it?“–stuff like that.

(Actually, when you think about it that way, it is a bit depressing.)

On the other hand, who’s the fella with the great taste to pick out those fantabulous hats in the first place?

I’m back on top!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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