Fascinators for Every Occasion

Scala Sinamay Feather Spray Headband Fascinator at HartfordYork.comGracey at Fashion for Giants wore the Scala Sinamay Feather Spray Fascinator recently (along with her mega-watt smile) and said it was very comfortable. The headband stayed in place nicely, even with all the dancing that naturally goes along with any birthday celebration–which is apparently a three-day event for tall people, and this lady is 6 feet, according to her blog.

Although you might associate fascinators with very dressy occasions, Gracey said she wore hers to a dinner and pole-dancing exhibition. You can see her outfit on her blog, which was comprised of jeans and a blazer. She looks great and the fascinator just adds fun and style to the overall look.

In other words, you don’t have to put your fascinators away after New Year’s, ladies. Think of them as you do any other fashion accessory; something that livens up an outfit — formal or casual.

Word of advice: store all fascinators (especially those with feathers) far from the reach of any cat. Felines tend to be fascinated by fascinators–but not in a good way.

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(and belated birthday wishes, Gracey)
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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The Warmest Hats in the World–for Women

Women's M. Miller Fur Hat Scarf - The M'Lady at HartfordYork.comWhen I posted about The Warmest Hat in the World last December, I neglected to mention those winter hats made specifically for women. I’ve heard about that honest oversight all year (and boy, have I heard about it!), so I’d like to rectify the matter once and for all by addressing it thusly:

1. each of the hats I talked about (to wit: The Ambassador in lambs wool; The Beaver Trooper; and The Mink Trooper) are unisex in their warmth and can be worn by men or women with equal success and flare. This is true of just about any hat that carries the “men’s hat” designation; it’s men who can’t carry off women’s hats as successfully much of the time. (Told you I learned my lesson).

2. I do of course offer women-only winter hats on the site including the stunning Eleganza and a sublime hat-scarf combo called The M’Lady (pictured) in addition to an honest-to-goodness barrel muff. In fact, I may have gone slightly overboard in an attempt to compensate for the prevalence of men’s hats by bringing The Cashmere Trapper on board. This is a hand knit women’s hat from JB Stetson, the warm wool wrapped around a luscious mouton fur.

I hope I have redeemed myself in the eyes of the fairer sex. If not, I believe I shall be forgiven absolutely once a perusal of the Helen Kaminski inventory has been undertaken with all specials noted and taken advantage of — The Alina cap comes swiftly to mind as does The Darcy (a fur felt fedora) and the fabulous Kaminski woven leather handbags which (although not warm) are simply divine.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Feminist and CEO Hartford York

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Posh Hats – Wear Them Like The Beckhams

Fur Felt Hats at HartfordYork.com - Mr. Green Fur Felt Fedora - The Donald Dress HatVictoria and David Beckham have apparently discovered the potential of felt hats, arriving at Heathrow for the Christmas holidays in a trimmed trilby (her) and a casual, Indy-type fedora (him).

The Softpedia article called “Hats – Even the Beckhams Are Doing It:
Posh and David don matching hats, may set new trend
” wonders what the fashionable duo might do for hats, saying that “Posh and Becks donning them [may] be the push that [hats need] to go mainstream once more.”

On a related note: why is soccer called football in Europe?

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Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Woo With Hats This Valentine’s Day

Women's Dress Hats - Helen Kaminski Hats - The Velour Fur Felt Vania HatAccording to a recent survey by Maxim.com, an average of 6.42 hours is spent by Americans wooing their significant others on Valentine’s Day. This includes preparation and planning time, plus the actual romantic dinner or other special event.

The romance of hats, from the perspective of a man looking at a woman or vice-versa, has never been a point of contention in my experience. When women see Brad Pitt in his cap, they have no complaints; likewise, when men see J-Lo in a picture hat or Daniela Pestova in a fedora, they drool.

For a win-win woo situation, I’d suggest that you wear your own hat and also give a hat to your beloved. That way, you’ll dazzle each other to bits.

Thanks for weeding,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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The Belle Hat

Women's Fur Felt Hat - The Helen Kaminski Velour ClocheIn her GlobeandMail.com article, Cloche Call, Leanne Delap writes:

“Cloches…add an illusion of height; the bell shape (hence the name) also works best on a smaller head.” Apparently, Ms. Delap is unable to wear the style due to the exaggerated proportions of her skull, a sad state of affairs, I think you’ll agree.

She then goes on to talk about the rise of the modern cloche, saying that “the look was born in the twenties, in the millinery shops attached to the then-great couture houses of Paris. Meant to be worn low on the brow, the wearer had to look down her nose, lending an air of snootiness to the look.”

You know, you gals have all the fun sometimes. I’d love to look down my nose (although actually that sounds a bit gross, if you know what I mean)–but I’d probably trip, fall and break my beak, or else I’d let a laugh-fueled snort blow–either way, ruining any chance at snootiness.

Work that cloche, you snooty thang!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Stupid Hat Laws

Summer Sun Hats from Hartford York Hats - Women's Scala Paper Braid Sunhat - The LaurenI love reading stupid laws, and when they involve hats – well, you can guess how hard I giggle.

Allow me to share:

An ordinance in Lawrence, Kansas, forbids anyone to carry bees in his hat while on the city streets.

Now this is a GOOD LAW if there is an enormous bee-keeping industry in the area, and the bee-keepers tend to walk around town swapping bees (which they transport–for reasons only know to them–in their bee-keeping hats)AND if these bees just happen to be killer-bees.

As an aside, I heard about Lawrence, Kansas before. A man who lived there introduced himself to me as “Lawrence Lawrence of Lawrence Kansas”. (true story)

Here’s another:

In Owensboro, Kentucky, it is illegal for a woman to buy a new hat without her husband trying it on first.

Men, let me tell you. There’s no shame in wearing your wife’s hat. And feel free to carry her purse. It’s when you get to the pantyhose that my eyebrows leap off the page.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, Da Man
and CEO Hartford York

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It’s Official: Straw Fedora is the Summer Status Symbol

Straw Fedora Hats at Hartford York Hats - Makins Fedora - The SouthwestIt’s got to be official – it’s in the New York Times! A compilation snapshot of that city’s hat-wearing frenzy is captured in Cats in the Hats, Bill Cunningham’s On The Street segment of Fashion & Style.

The photo caption reads:

The straw fedora, with its rakish snap brim, is the summer status symbol. The hats have the traditional headband of patterned fabric or solid-color grosgrain ribbon. There are even a few vintage Panama hats being worn around the city.

Very nice to see how many ladies are wearing the unisex hat. I like the composition of the picture too–lots of energy and vibrancy with all the colors and straw weave patterns.

(And I thought for sure this year’s summer status symbol was my pre-publication copy of the last Harry Potter manuscript, Deathly Hallows) HA!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Hat Passion

Women's Hats from Hartford York Hats - Women's Scala Western Straw - The GrettaIt’s interesting how people tend to either love or hate hats; you don’t find too many people who say they can take ’em or leave ’em.

Take, for example, the blog entry at Melissavina called A Theory on Hats, which opens up with the “theory that the standard hat wearer (particularly the female hat wearer) is slightly crazy. . .over-dramatic, and slightly unaware of social graces”.


However, after wearing a hat herself and having “walked a mile in the moccasins of the hat wearer“, the writer admits her “horizons were broadened”, and she has changed her crazy people hat theory completely. She now theorizes that people who wear hats can be divided into two groups.

I’m not sure which of the two groups I fit: the first (“trying to make a bold accessory statement, buck the system, feel their originality oats”) or the second (hiding a bad home perm job).

To tell the truth, I sort of liked the first theory.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion: Buy If You Wish To Live

Mother's Day Hats from Hartford York Hats - Women's Borsalino Woven Fiber Panama Hat - The AndreaIf you don’t get the lady in your life a little (big) something on May 13th, (whether she be your mother or the mother of your children or basically some stranger’s mom), you know you’re pretty much dead in the water.

That said, I’ve been trying to decide between hats for my beloved. I just can’t make up my mind if I should buy the gorgeous Andrea, a sophisticated Panama for women from Borsalino, or The Baku, an exquisite straw porkpie from the same Italian maestro. Yes, yes, the latter hat would be for me – but I might share. And anyway, it would put me in such a great mood, and I’d be so delightful to be around, that I could be my own Mother’s Day present.

Wow, I’m good.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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