Hats – the ‘Look At Me’ Accessory

Borsalino Montecristi Panama Fedora - The Vented Montecristi Dress HatIn an article called Pork pies, panamas & trilbies, milliner John Kasriel says the hats are bouncing off the shelves and he puts it “all down to sex, celebrities and, to a lesser degree, cancer.”

The music industry and actors like Brad Pitt, Heath Ledger and Justin Timberlake started it,” he says. “It’s sun protection for some older guys too, but mostly it’s, ‘I want to attract the women. I want to look fantastic. I’ve got confidence. I want to wear a hat’.

Short-brimmed pork pies are especially popular and are selling in pinstripes and double striped fabrics as well as pale coffee colors in linens and cottons and various shades of grey straw, polypropylene or twisted paper weaves.

“Guys are fussy,” says Kasriel. “They don’t just want a hat. They want it this way, up at the front, or that way, down at the back, or a small brim or wider brim, or dents on the side of the crown or not and this color or this band. They know what they want and it’s got to be spot on, perfect. They’ve got something in their mind and they want to look like that exactly.”

He reckons that “something” is usually a mental picture of a hat-wearing celebrity, like Pitt, Ledger, Timberlake, Pete Doherty, Snoop Dog, Kid Rock, Federline, and Hugh Jackman.

And it’s everyone who’s putting the hats on: the 18 year-olds and the 55-year-olds; the heavy metal emos and goths wear their black top hats and bowlers, while baby boomers swear by fedoras and larger brims, and Gen X-ers put their money into trilbies and panamas.

One hatter says the trend of wearing men’s hats is “ready to go ballistic across all levels. We’re going to get to that stage – I think like 50 years ago – when you couldn’t go to the races without a hat.”

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Hats Are A Great Big Look-At-Me

Men's Hats - Mr. Green Sewn Braid Fedora - The Donovan HatAlthough she says she can’t do hats herself, writer Jess Cartner-Morley admits in her article called Hats: The Way To Do It that “hats are becoming normalized again“, influenced by celebrity style “for once”, she concedes, “a force for good.”

Funny to think that the wearing of hats once signified respectability and due deference to occasion. These days, they mean quite the opposite: hats are for show-offs. To wear a hat on any occasion other than a wedding or at the races is one great big look-at-me. Forget about hiding below the brim; hats make you more visible, not less.

I agree that hats can be worn to make a statement, but isn’t that true of anything? Whatever we wear — from shoes to jackets to pants — I think we all emphasize comfort and good looks. I mean, I’d much rather field a compliment than otherwise, wouldn’t you?

Yes, I think hats are showy. That’s not necessarily the same thing as calling a person who wears hat a show-off. All that being said, I do like showing off my showy hats, but I don’t like to think of myself as a show-off.

Well, I’d better shove off now!

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Hat Passion

Women's Hats from Hartford York Hats - Women's Scala Western Straw - The GrettaIt’s interesting how people tend to either love or hate hats; you don’t find too many people who say they can take ’em or leave ’em.

Take, for example, the blog entry at Melissavina called A Theory on Hats, which opens up with the “theory that the standard hat wearer (particularly the female hat wearer) is slightly crazy. . .over-dramatic, and slightly unaware of social graces”.


However, after wearing a hat herself and having “walked a mile in the moccasins of the hat wearer“, the writer admits her “horizons were broadened”, and she has changed her crazy people hat theory completely. She now theorizes that people who wear hats can be divided into two groups.

I’m not sure which of the two groups I fit: the first (“trying to make a bold accessory statement, buck the system, feel their originality oats”) or the second (hiding a bad home perm job).

To tell the truth, I sort of liked the first theory.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Men's Dress Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Brent Black Handwoven Straw Fedora Panama Hat - The Montecristi AficionadoDisregarding positive affirmations, meditation and the like as not working for him, blogger John Place offers tips that helped raise his self-worth, in his article called 7 Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem. These are:

  • Discard Outdated and Unfair Childhood Evaluations
  • Take Responsibility for Everything in Your Life
  • Improve Your Trouble Areas
  • Embrace Failure
  • Finish What You Start
  • Join a Productive Club
  • Increase Your Positive Relationships

This is a good, solid list – no airy, fairy calls on the Universe here. These are solid pro-active steps that anyone can take. The order doesn’t matter–start with something you find easy, like joining a club. Far more than just a place to practice your social skills or network, Mr. Place says a group of like-minded people can become a “support structure and your growth catalyst”.

I’d like to add a last tip to the above list. You’ve heard it before from me: wear a hat to up your self-esteem. Like joining a club, it’s an external action that internalizes over time: wearing a hat makes a physical statement of high self-worth (even if yours happens to be at a low ebb). Makes sense, then, that wearing a hat every day promotes confidence cumulatively.

Be forewarned: the bigger the hat, the better the swagger.

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Hat Assumptions

Men's Summer Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Henschel Woven Toyo Summer Hat - The Downer High RollerI’m paraphrasing that brilliant cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz, here when I say:

Wear a hat. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.

Hats do catch the eye, they draw attention. You are noticed when you wear a hat. People don’t just look at you when you wear a hat–they also assume things about you: that you’re very self-confident, a go-getter; that you have fashion savvy; that you’re unafraid.

These attributes are all good, all positive. And when you’re continually attributed with attractive characteristics by strangers and friends alike, it’s not much of a stretch to assume those qualities are indeed within you — even if you’re the last to recognize or acknowledge them.

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Steve Singer
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