Win a $150 JB Stetson newsboy cap

The JB Stetson Silk/Cashmere Hatteras at HartfordYork.comIf you’ve got a twitter account, you can enter to win The JB Stetson Silk/Cashmere Hatteras, a men’s cap with a retail value of $150.

This beautiful herringbone newsboy is made from a blend of 50% summer weight wool, 30% silk and 20% cashmere. It features impeccable stitching, cotton lining with Stetson embroidered logo and the Stetson icon pinned to the back.

Two five-star reviews have been posted on the Hartford York STC1 product page, as follows:

Very elegant, yet casual, smooth and appealing… a must have!


Excellent material. Great fit. Exactly what I have been seeking for a casual everyday hat.

I’ve been over the various prizes at the competition site called, and I must say that this $150 newsboy cap is really one of the very nicest prizes. Good luck to everyone who enters and thanks for playing!

If you don’t have a twitter account, I’d advise you to get one — then you can enter this contest AND follow me at @hartfordyork.

To enter, go to:

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Vancouver Winter Olympics Must-Have Hats

Men's Peto Wool Newsboy Cap - The Left Bank at

Remember the must-have hats of the 2002 Winter Olympics? The American team wore dark blue berets in the Opening Ceremonies, and the run on berets began.

This time, in Vancouver, the U.S. team has been modeled in woolen newsboy caps rather like the wool Peto cap pictured here. Wouldn’t it be great if the same kind of enthusiasm for the caps was once again shown nationwide by consumers? We might finally see a real move away from the ubiquitous logo-laden baseball cap that still tends to be the “hat” of choice for too many.

Hats off to all the 2010 Winter Olympic athletes!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Armchair Athlete and CEO Hartford York

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Distracted By My Hat

Jonathan Richard Wool Ivy Cap - The Vintage County at

A study on “inattentional blindness” is to be published in an upcoming issue of Applied Cognitive Psychology — and its findings are startling (to most).

It seems that people using their cell phones are so distracted, and pay so little attention to things happening around them, that they fail to notice bizarre occurrences taking place. Bizarre like a unicycling clown.

Dr. Ira E. Hyman, Jr. of Western Washington University, is head researcher of the study and says that cell phone users were the group most prone to oblivious behavior (as compared to individuals walking alone, in pairs, or listening to their ipods). Only one-quarter of them noticed the unicycling clown, while pedestrians not not using a cell phone noticed the clown over half the time.

Now, Dr. Hyman, that’s all very interesting and I agree that all cell phone use while driving a motor vehicle should be banned. However — in the interest of science and all that, I think you should know that when you’ve got me in my stockroom, trying to decide between a couple of glorious tweed caps, you could have the entire troupe from the Cirque de Soliel, dancing on stilts, and I wouldn’t see a thing. Just saying.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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Don’t Over-Think Your Hat

Men's Dress Hats, Fedoras, Porkpies and Newsboys at - Rod Keenan Fur Felt Fedora Hat for Men - The Montmartre ExclusiveDid you happen to see GQ Style Editor Adam Rapoport on The Early Show last week? Well, either did I, but I found the story on CBS News, where he talked about what’s hot in men’s hats, calling fedorasa fantastic all purpose hat” although the slighter smaller look of the trilby looks great on “younger cooler guys — like Justin Timberlake” and Zac Efron. He thinks porkpies are “a bit trendier” and that newsboys are the new baseball caps.

Then he gives advice on how to wear hats, saying:

If you wear a fedora straight on your head, it looks more professional. If you tilt it to the side, then you look more hip and cool. You want to make sure you have a little flare.

Finally, Adam notes that:

People get confused and they over-think hats, and try to pair the outfit perfectly. You can wear the same fedora to work as you do with a leather jacket — it’s all about the way you tip it! It’s versatile.

Mr. Rapoport’s right on the money, of course. Except for the over-thinking part. All my friends (and hats) can tell you I hardly ever over-think anything.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
The Over-Easy
CEO Hartford York

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The Newsboy Cap’s New Name – Brad Pitt?

Borsalino Newsboy Caps - Men's Borsalino Leather Newsboy Cap - The GiuseppeA New Orleans Times-Picayune article says the “heartthrob humanitarian [that would be Brad Pitt, I’m guessing] and his cap seem to be inseparable.”

He donned a heathered newsboy with jeans and a T-shirt for a recent news conference in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. He wore a flat cap with a full-length coat for a walk on the red carpet at the “Beowulf” premiere. He grabbed a gray topper for a bike ride around the French Quarter with Angelina Jolie and the kids.

For interviews on “Larry King Live” and the “Today” show, the cap was back. On the “Charlie Rose” show, there it was again.

Why is the newsboy such a popular look with such an assortment of stars? (Besides Brad Pitt, comedian Dave Chappelle, actors Samuel Jackson and Daniel Craig, rapper Notorious B.I.G. and AC/DC singer Brian Johnson are all touted as examples of newsboy-wearing celebrities).

Perhaps the secret to the cap’s popularity is its many permutations. The eight-panel, also known as the Jay Gatsby, comes with a fuller top and a snap-button closure. The Big Apple is the same hat, only with a more floppy shape. Other models are flatter, sitting lower and tighter on the head.

Other suggestions are that the look is classic and a little retro; it’s got a shape that flatters many faces, and it’s convenient too.

As Diane Feen, editor of Hat Life, put it: “Years ago, our fathers and grandfathers wore hats, and they would take them off and put them on a table or hat rack in places. But today, if you go to the movies or a restaurant, you [don’t] have to worry about where to put it. With this cap, you can fold it and just stick it into your pocket. It’s perfect for today.”

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
the other heartthrob humanitarian
CEO Hartford York


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