Did You Watch Mad Men?

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad MenMad Men is back, after a 17-month long (!) break. There are recaps in every publication, from the LA Times to the New York Daily News, so I won’t write one, but I sure am glad to see those 60’s sets, styles and great men’s hats again.  Twitter’s all abuzz too, and I really liked the comment from celebuzzz that said “Pete’s checkered jacket was this episode’s unsung hero.”

In a review from Toronto.com, there’s a good observation by critic Rob Salem who says that the one thing he’s “always loved about Mad Men was the little moments, the tossed-off trivialities that bring us instantly and more vividly back to the era than the most detailed re-enactment ever could.”

The cigarette stubbed out in a dessert. The detritus of the family picnic blanket blithely dumped on the grass of a public park. The children running around the house with plastic laundry bags over their heads, being scolded because “they might knock something over” (though this may say less about the period than it does Betty’s parenting skills).

By the way, if you liked the French pop hit used in last night’s premiere, called Zou Bisou Bisou (which means “Oh you, Kiss, Kiss” in a loose translation),  it’s available on iTunes and there’s a vinyl available on the Mad Men website.

So, did you watch Mad Men?

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