Men’s Large Hats in Sizes 2X and 3X

Borsalino Panama Hat - The Vented Montecristi Fedora at HartfordYork.comMen’s hats that fit very large heads can sometimes be quite difficult to find. Most retailers just don’t seem to keep enough 2X and 3X sizes in stock — the hats that are big enough for the hard-to-fit man with a Size 8 head, measuring 25 1/4 inches.

At Hartford York, we have an extensive collection of men’s hats in larger sizes, from dress hats to casual caps in every material. Pictured above is a Borsalino Panama hat called The Ventilated Montecristi. It’s a limited edition, handwoven hat that is exceptionally lightweight for comfortable summer wear. The level of craftsmanship is obvious from the intricacy of the weave.

Also available in XXL is a newsboy cap called The Linen Lennon. I challenged my friend Anthony Peto of Paris to recreate the cap (the original of which is in a famous picture of John Lennon), and this very full cut newsboy in a toothy 100% Irish linen is the result. Imagine.

For those of you who pay attention to such things, yes, both The Ventilated Montecristi and The Linen Lennon are exclusive to Hartford York, in addition to being part of 2X and 3X hat selection.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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