Trends in Men’s Hats for Spring/Summer 2012

Santana Ivy Cap - The Superstitious at HartfordYork.comIn response to a media query as to men’s fashion trends this season, I said that the most noticeable I’ve seen so far are that men are having more fun with their ever-increasing selection of choices and are also taking far more “risks” than they have in the past.

A few examples:

The Fantasy Band by Borsalino. It may seem a small thing, but the dark edging on the light ribbon trim on this Panama fedora really changes its overall appearance, and is a complete departure from the perceived “norm” of a bleached white straw with black ribbon.

The Superstitious by Carlos Santana (pictured above) is a satin-lined ivy cap that is brilliant in color, and it’s proving already to be extremely popular. This is a real departure from the conservative solids we’re used to seeing in men’s caps. In fact, there is a general movement towards more plaids and contrast panels in caps, even within the tans and grays. This trend not only gives today’s hat wearers far more choice, it also encourages younger guys to take the hat plunge.

The Patchwork Ravi is a cotton hat by Robert Graham. Usually everyone immediately goes to “bucket hat” when picturing a cotton hat, but this stingy brim plaid trilby is both boldly stylish and eminently wearable. Breaking preconceived notions seems to be the rule of thumb that is governing fashion trends in menswear, be it apparel or hats.

What’s your opinion?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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