Do You Abuse Your Hat?

Crushable Wool Outback HatSome hats can take it — the abuse, that is. You can stuff ’em up your sleeve or into a suitcase, and they’re good to go when shaken out.

Don’t think you can always tell which hat is rollable or crushable just by eyeballing it. Even straw hats (which you usually associate with crushable hats) can be lacquered, in which case you can actually break them if you try to roll them.

Based on the handsome appearance of the Woolrich outback hat pictured here, I never would have assumed it is one that you can roll up for easy storage (when it’s not looking good on your head). But it is crushable, as its name confirms.

In fact, wool felt hats tend to be the best bet for travel hats, and any style can be crushable. For instance, there’s a pork pie hat by Kangol that’s not only packable, but it’s water repellent too. Talk about a useful travel hat!  Scala offers its Roadmaster (great name for a travel friendly fedora, by the way) which you can roll up, tuck into your bag or briefcase, then shake to pop back into shape.

Happy trails!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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