Working Out in Your Winter Hat

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There’s an article called Top Reasons Why Cold Weather Exercise Beats Hot Weather Workouts at that might help those of you who hibernate all winter come outside once in a while. It seems that “exercising outside in the cold is better for you than working out in the warm.”

Several reasons are listed, including the best — you burn more calories! So, whatever your mode of exercise (a brisk walk is fine), it’ll be more effective because your body is burning more calories in its effort to stay warm.

Also, it seems that dehydration is not as much a problem in sub-zero conditions because (if you’re dressed properly in layers), you simply don’t sweat as much as you do when jogging on a hot summer day.

Finally, “you can work out much harder in chilly temperatures than in hot ones — heat taxes the body so much more and the dangers of working out in excessive heat outweigh the benefits.”

To be honest, I don’t think that last reason helps me get off the couch in a blizzard. I consider just putting on my boots a pretty hard day at the office, but still, it’s good to know that my usual jog/walk/collapse routine pays off so well in cold weather.

Don’t forget those all-important layers to wick sweat away from your body, and make sure you’re wearing gloves and a warm winter hat as well. Exercising in a deep freeze is hard enough without courting frostbite!

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