Trooper hats are for troopers

The Mink TrooperIf you live where winter is, then you’ll know why troopers, those fur-lined bombardiers with tie-down earflaps, are more a necessity than simply a luxurious (and handsome) winter hat. They basically hug your head when Mistral-like gales issue from somewhere at the top of the world, plummeting temperatures by dozens of degrees in a matter of hours.

Unless you’ve experienced the cold where it actually hurts to breathe, makes your eyes water and freezes your nostrils, you may not understand completely the importance of high quality troopers. These hats, made by such brands as JB Stetson, Wigens, Sam Saba and Woolrich, are often crafted from rugged leather, impervious to hail and wet snow squalls, their earflaps lined with fur to keep frostbite at bay.

The most luxurious trooper at has got to be The Mink Trooper, a Leinburd/Crown Cap fur hat. You simply can’t find a richer or warmer winter hat, and it’ll keep you warm in style for years to come.

Troopers come at every price point, of course, and you can’t do much better than the $100 leather and sheepskin trooper from Sam Saba. Made in Canada, it’s a classic hat with earflaps and leather ties, warmly lined with plush lambs wool. We’ve also got troopers on sale right now, so you can get a hat like The Leather/Raccoon Trooper from JB Stetson, at 25% off.

If that doesn’t warm your cockles, then I don’t know what will!

Thanks for reading,

Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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