Recent Hat Reviews Greatly Appreciated

Peto Stingy Brim Hat at HartfordYork.comWe’ve really been getting lots of reviews on the hats and caps that folks are buying, and we appreciate that.

We read every review because they help us get better at serving you: for example, if a few people tell us that a cap is a bit on the large side, we’ll change the product description accordingly.

One-word reviews (“Great!”) may be heartfelt, but obviously aren’t as useful as those like this Peto stingy brim review:

A bit flimsy to the feel but firm when worn. The color matches my rust and reddish brown colored suits and outfits well. A good hat for that purpose. Made of good, classy looking material. Stingy brim is not too stingy as compared to other new styled small brim hats, which is a plus, as it can be worn in more formal settings. Still a bit too expensive, but small brim hats that match rust colored clothes are hard to find.

A Santana driver cap has received several reviews, which touch on aspects of quality, style and detail (the stitching in this cap is important due to the embroidered detail). The reviews not only help us understand exactly what people like about this cap, but also help potential customers decide whether or not to buy it.

One customer (Martha by name) left a testimonial about a Santana hat called The Leader, saying she had second thoughts about its look before placing her order. She continues:

I called and spoke with Anna Marie [in customer service] and she personally went to look for the hat and call me to describe it. If that isn’t Top Notch service I don’t know what is! Awesome!! Thank you so much.

Truly glad to be of service, and we appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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