Designer Ball Caps Bring Culture to the Masses

1333 Minna Cotton Ballcap - The Marduk Cap at HartfordYork.comRichard Boler wrote an opinion piece called Kindly remove your cap, son: How did the ball cap become the chapeau of choice for, like, everyone? in which he bemoans the fact that almost everyone he sees–men and boys alike–wear ball caps instead of proper hats like fedoras (or presumably more fashionable caps like newsboys). He’s offended because baseball caps are for boys and ball players — and not for men.

He also argues that grown men are still wearing baseball caps because we endlessly recycle culture instead of advancing it.

I agree that there are times when ball caps don’t match the occasion, but I don’t think that all ball caps can fall under the ilk of “unadvanced”. The ball cap pictured here, for instance, is one designed by a group of artists in San Francisco called 1333 Minna. The cap is called The Marduk, which is the name of an ancient Babylonian Lord of Lords and leader of all gods. Designed by the artist Belsky, Marduk is depicted as a flying snake dragon. A tree of life is embroidered on the rear panels with a signature crown on the under brim. The artistic emphasis is Marduk’s power and absorption of magic.

Mr. Boler, I think your “heartfelt wish for our country is that we find ways to break free from this stagnation” is being answered by designers and artists across the nation who are truly creative, and who are finding novel ways of advancing culture. Even your “humble suggestion for our country is that we start with our hats” is heeded here. You just need to know where to look.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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