Men’s Hats Keep On Keeping On

Men's Swanepoel/Stetson Pork Pie Fur Felt Dress Hat - The Pablo at HartfordYork.comMore than most things, hats are tangible items that just keep coming back in style. Doesn’t matter if it’s dad’s battered fedora (think Indiana Jones) or grandpa’s rex or newsboy cap, if it’s still in good shape, you can wear the thing today.

I’ve amassed a pretty sizable collection of men’s hats and caps over my years in the hat business, one summer living in Greek Fisherman caps, the next in Montecristi Panama hats and so on. I tend to leave a style (headless) after I wear it to death, until I sort of “re-discover” it some time later and — to tell the truth — it’s like I never took it off.

To me, hats become like old, trusted friends. They take on the shape of my head; they’re comfortable (as all good hats should be) and not only shield me from sun or cold but give a little privacy when the mood strikes. And the best part is, there are no recriminations when you return to wearing them once again after long absences. And you will.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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