The Many Colors of Ivy Caps and Summer Hats

Robert Graham Silk Ivy Cap - The Aristotle at
Men have been wearing dark colors for far too long, in my opinion — and still tend to do so. From business suits and formal attire to casual jeans and hoodies, the overall shades range from black to dark blue and grey. Pretty somber stuff and as far from a Tommy Bahama style as you could ever fear to roam.

Men's Mr. Green Hats Summertime Fedora - The Kent Hat at HartfordYork.comThe easiest way to start to lighten up your wardrobe is with a cap or hat — it doesn’t have to be as colorful as The Aristotle, a Robert Graham ivy cap, pictured at top. You could start with a fairly sedate summer fedora in brown, such as The Kent, shown here at right. Designed by Mr. Green Hats, the fedora is given a color pop with a very tasty hat band in shades of matching brown with mint.

Men's Christys' Crown Straw Fedora - The Akon Summer Hat at HartfordYork.comChristys’ Crown takes a similar approach in dressing up an otherwise calm straw hat with a vividly striped turquoise and black hat band in their fedora, The Akon.
Men's Borsalino Linen Rex - The Nuncio Walking Hat at HartfordYork.comOnce you’ve mastered the little flashes of color, it’s time to move on to the truly vibrant caps and hats, like The Nuncio, a linen rex from none other than Borsalino.

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Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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