Goorin Brothers Hats in Denver (and right here)

Goorin Cotton Duckbill Cap - The Jordan Driver at HartfordYork.comGoorin Brothers Hats, the Bold Hatmakers, have opened up a new outlet in Denver — and offers nary a cowboy hat!

In her MetroMix article, Erica Boniface quotes fourth generation hatmaker and company owner, Ben Goorin (who wants to “make hats an accessible luxury”) as saying:

The response has been really fantastic so far. We’ve even had people tell us they have been at Goorin in other cities before coming to Denver. So in a month, we already had a fan base. I think people in Denver have a very unique sense of style, so it’s been fun to customize our selection to meet their demands.

That fan base extends to celebrities, of whom Ben Goorin says:

Every Monday morning I find emails from people who have seen one celebrity or another wearing our hats. Sandra Bullock had the Eric B. on in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady were out with the kids and the whole family was wearing our hats! For us, it’s not about celebrities, but we’re always flattered when they sport a Goorin.

You don’t have to fly to Denver to buy your Goorin hats — we’ve got fedoras and duckbill caps by Goorin at the ready here at

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Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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  1. What no MetroMix Photos?

    • Click the article source link, and you’ll be able to view them all.

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