Shop at WalMart, Spend the Rest on Hats

Men's Sam Saba Leather And Sheepskin Winter Hat with Earflaps - The Trooper at

I took 3 things away with me from an article called Guide to a Good Life: Always Wear a Hat When Going Out:

  • the title;
  • the plain truth that “rain is another enemy of [felt] hats”; and
  • the last paragraph which read: “There is something not quite right about a world where people drop $200 for a pair of jeans, and yet show up with a bare head. I buy my jeans at Zellers, and spend the rest on hats.

As for the title, I like the concept that the phrase “good life” brings to mind (money, nice restaurants, impeccable wardrobe, yachts and fine wine) and how wearing a hat is part and parcel with a lifestyle to which most of us aspire. Men who are living the good life wear hats, and those that don’t — should.

The point about wearing a wool felt hat or fur felt hat in a downpour is also right on, albeit a more practical one: if you do get caught, let the hat dry naturally once you’ve made it home, reshaping it gently throughout.

As for the last point (Zeller’s being the Canadian equivalent of a K-Mart or WalMart) — about how much people spend on what — it’s also quite true. Think of how much you fork out on shoes or boots: nothing too fancy, just a comfortable pair. And then there’s jeans, shirts and jackets and so on. A small fortune. So what’s with the naked head? Or (worse) the cheap ball cap? What is it about heads that make people either not decorate them at all or cover them with rags?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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