If You Had a New Hat, What Kind Would It Be?

Men's Fur Hat - The Sheared All Beaver Trooper from Crown Cap at HartfordYork.comIf you had several styles of hats lined up in front of you, which one do you think you’d chose as your new hat?

Look to your personality type to answer this question — if you’re a pretty conservative fellow who wears dress fedoras and homburgs without fail, then a casual baseball cap (or even a designer ball cap) may be too far outside your comfort field even to try.

The dedicated cap wearer on the other hand could easily make the transition within caps — going from a newsboy or longshoreman’s style ivy cap without qualm — but then will get stuck at wearing a trilby or walking hat (even if it’s in the same material or casual style as the cap).

Like any other change in style, you’ll be out of your comfort zone when trying on a hat style that you don’t usually wear. Remember your first suit and tie? But the effect can certainly pay off in terms of your appearance and the variety any new style adds to your wardrobe.

One reader told me that he tries out new hat styles whenever he travels, whether on business or vacation. This way he is in a new environment, around people who have no expectations or preconceived notions. For example, when he went skiing, he took along his new trooper hat, a style which he’d never worn before. After wearing it for a week and getting used to it (earflaps up and down) he felt comfortable enough to wear it to the office when he got back home.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, Mr. Variety
and CEO Hartford York

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