Young Men in Suits and Hats

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In a New York Times Fashion & Style article called Dressing for Success, Again, the chief analyst at NPD Group (a retail sales tracking company) says:

The older generation, say 45-plus, look upon success as being able to dress down. They think being able to wear jeans is the epitome of achievement. But the younger generation is looking at getting dressed up and making their mark. It’s a real generation gap here.

Today, a reversal in the expected norm of the well-dressed older gent is seen everywhere, with 25-year-olds in natty sport coats, skinny ties and dapper fedoras. In fact, young men are embracing the Mad Men elements of style.

Writer David Colman cites as evidence of this trend the “numerous men’s wear blogs. . . dedicated to . . . old-school minutiae of dressing well. Or take a look at the Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones, who favors double-breasted suits and bow ties and talks about ‘the resurgence of the gentleman.'”

Samuel Rascoff, an NYU professor of law theorizes about his well-dressed students and their peers, saying that

this return to style, or to a consciousness of how you look, is an attempt by young men to recover a set of values that were at one point very much present in American society and then lost. It strikes me as being of a piece with the way young people buy their coffee or their food: paying attention to authenticity or quality, and to whether something is organic or local. They stand for a rejection of the idea that all consumer goods are ephemeral and inevitably made in China and bought at Wal-Mart.

Let’s take the good professor’s lesson to heart, men: “You might be comfortable naked, but that don’t mean it looks good.”

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