I Don’t Much Like Santa Hats

M. Miller Persian Lambs Wool Winter Hat - The Ambassador at HartfordYork.com

I may be bucking the trend here, but I can’t say that a Santa hat is my favorite form of headwear attire. Maybe it’s the static electricity or the cheap felt that so many of these hats seem to be burdened with or maybe it’s the lifeless pom pom that barely has enough weight to swing from side to side, I don’t know, but my admittedly glum opinion of Santa hats has remained pretty steadfast over the years.

Perhaps an unremembered early childhood encounter with one of those terrifying department store Santas created an unshakable antipathy to the hat form, or maybe it’s just been my own experience of dressing up in the big costume every year for charity to delight (or scare) future generations.

It’s funny, though. I don’t have an aversion to large, black boots, or big-bellied red suits trimmed with white fur — it’s just the Santa hat that gets me.

It’s possible that I’ve gotten spoiled over the years in the hat biz. I mean, really, how can you go from something like The Ambassador winter hat to a silly Santa’s hat without suffering some sort of breakdown?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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