The Warmest Hats in the World–for Women

Women's M. Miller Fur Hat Scarf - The M'Lady at HartfordYork.comWhen I posted about The Warmest Hat in the World last December, I neglected to mention those winter hats made specifically for women. I’ve heard about that honest oversight all year (and boy, have I heard about it!), so I’d like to rectify the matter once and for all by addressing it thusly:

1. each of the hats I talked about (to wit: The Ambassador in lambs wool; The Beaver Trooper; and The Mink Trooper) are unisex in their warmth and can be worn by men or women with equal success and flare. This is true of just about any hat that carries the “men’s hat” designation; it’s men who can’t carry off women’s hats as successfully much of the time. (Told you I learned my lesson).

2. I do of course offer women-only winter hats on the site including the stunning Eleganza and a sublime hat-scarf combo called The M’Lady (pictured) in addition to an honest-to-goodness barrel muff. In fact, I may have gone slightly overboard in an attempt to compensate for the prevalence of men’s hats by bringing The Cashmere Trapper on board. This is a hand knit women’s hat from JB Stetson, the warm wool wrapped around a luscious mouton fur.

I hope I have redeemed myself in the eyes of the fairer sex. If not, I believe I shall be forgiven absolutely once a perusal of the Helen Kaminski inventory has been undertaken with all specials noted and taken advantage of — The Alina cap comes swiftly to mind as does The Darcy (a fur felt fedora) and the fabulous Kaminski woven leather handbags which (although not warm) are simply divine.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Feminist and CEO Hartford York

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