Fashion Ball Caps Hold Their Own With Stylish Driving Caps

Jonathan Richard Wool Ivy Cap - The Vintage County at HartfordYork.comDavid Colman extols the wool driving cap in his New York Times article A Smooth Shift to a Driving Cap, but only after first denigrating the baseball cap in his opening paragraph which reads:

SOME men may have been saddened to hear of the recent slump in sales of baseball caps. I, for one, turned my customary frown upside down. Baseball caps have enjoyed a run atop hipster heads that has surpassed F.D.R.’s stay in office. At the very least, trends should be subject to the same term limits as presidents. In other words, bub, doff it.

1333 Minna Ball Cap - The Epic at HartfordYork.comI too used to shudder at the very thought of ball caps — but that was before I had met the Borsalino version and those from 1333 Minna. Today’s baseball caps can be as stylish and worthy of compliments as any ivy cap issued by Christys’ London or Jonathan Richard.

Instead of saying a wool driving cap is “far worthier” than a ball cap, let’s at least be very specific as to the type of baseball cap you’re talking about. Yes, absolutely, ball caps are an embarrassment if what you’ve got is a poorly made freebie cap from your local cell phone company with their corporate logo emblazoned thereon. However, when you take a look at the fashion ball caps available from designers (including Kangol, I’ll have you know), then you’re really talking about a very different lid altogether–one that can be favorably compared to any other.

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