The Many Hats of Van Morrison

Men's Indiana Jones Fedora - The Pure Beaver Indy at HartfordYork.comIf you do an image search on google for Van Morrison, the legendary singer shows up in most wearing a hat, usually a fedora or trilby.

In fact, the Telegraph’s Fashion Director, Hilary Alexander, noted that

as hairlines recede, so hats, in keeping with advancing years, are once again coming to the forefront. A hat adds charm, distinction and a certain louche elegance, not to mention height. Eyes sparkle under the jauntily-upturned brim; the disparity between a balding head and shoulder-length locks from the ears downward, or else a little ponytail, is instantly disguised.

She quotes a local buyer of men’s accessories (who “believes van Morrison is partly responsible for a 105% leap in the sales of Trilbys in the last two years alone“) as saying that

every time Van Morrison goes on stage, the loudest cheers will undoubtedly come from hat manufacturers across the world.


Van Morrison isn’t the only celebrity famous for wearing fedoras, of course: Michael Jackson wore them and currently Keith Richards and Bob Dylan are seen on stage and in public with hats, keeping the Frank Sinatra tradition of cool alive.

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  1. Yeah the hats really suit Van Morrison, he sported an olive green one at the York Barbican. Great gig – the ultimate performer and songwriter!

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