Distracted By My Hat

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A study on “inattentional blindness” is to be published in an upcoming issue of Applied Cognitive Psychology — and its findings are startling (to most).

It seems that people using their cell phones are so distracted, and pay so little attention to things happening around them, that they fail to notice bizarre occurrences taking place. Bizarre like a unicycling clown.

Dr. Ira E. Hyman, Jr. of Western Washington University, is head researcher of the study and says that cell phone users were the group most prone to oblivious behavior (as compared to individuals walking alone, in pairs, or listening to their ipods). Only one-quarter of them noticed the unicycling clown, while pedestrians not not using a cell phone noticed the clown over half the time.

Now, Dr. Hyman, that’s all very interesting and I agree that all cell phone use while driving a motor vehicle should be banned. However — in the interest of science and all that, I think you should know that when you’ve got me in my stockroom, trying to decide between a couple of glorious tweed caps, you could have the entire troupe from the Cirque de Soliel, dancing on stilts, and I wouldn’t see a thing. Just saying.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

If you called someone on your cell phone after reading this post, get free updates (and maybe a unicycle) by email or RSS.

ScienceDaily.com source article


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