Wearing Homburgs and Trilbies, Sometimes With Clothes

Inis Meain Linen Cardigan - The Linen Cardigan with Fashion Ivy CapAaron Britt of the SF Chronicle says the most important rule of properly wearing the modern-day fedora is to “roughly match your level of formality with the gravity of the hat.” This statement seems obvious, but no-style baseball caps still tend to be worn far too much even when the clothing begs for a more refined hat style (or simply a better baseball cap, such as one from Borsalino, 1333 Minna or Wigens).

Hat material is used by designers to determine how formal a hat look is. For instance, a fur felt fedora is certainly almost always dressier than a stingy-brim trilby in an open-weave straw. Watch the weave though — if it’s too fine, you’ve likely entered the regal realm of the Panama straw hat.

Britt’s rule of thumb that you should wear a shirt or jacket with a collar when wearing a hat (not a cap) is fine as long as it is recognized that some exceptions to that rule can actually make the hat. Certainly nothing was lost when this male model wore no shirt at all with his fedora. For those of you who thought it, yes, that was me back in the day. . .

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