White Hats Make Men Smart

Men's Borsalino Handwoven Straw Panama Hat - The Panama FinoWhite isn’t even a color. Technically speaking, white is the hue of maximum lightness (without light there would be no color). Even so, this hue represents in many cultures purity and kindness.

It’s also a good choice for any wardrobe item or accessory as it can of course be used with any color. Because it’s such a clean, crisp choice, white enhances concepts from mental acuity to fresh beginnings. What feelings come to mind when you see a doctor in a white coat? A bride in her white wedding gown? A white picket fence?

As a matter of fact, white is so popular that the textile industry produces more shades of white than any other color.

Put that in your white hat and smoke it!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

If you enjoyed this post more than usual, it’s probably because I wrote it whilst in my white hat, thus my mental acuity was enhanced. Now toddle off and get free updates by email or RSS.


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  1. I agree that white hats are wonderful … but I could not find one recently while I was looking for a new summer hat.

    So, I went with a straw trilby … but may still get a white hat, if I find the right one!

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