Trust Your Impulsive Hat Purchases

Men's Borsalino Cotton/Silk Ivy Cap - The NapoliThere’s a correlation between speed of thought and mood: the faster the repartee, the better the mood. Conversely, if you’re depressed or sad, you’ll often see it reflected in your physical stance: you might walk a little slower, look down more and less verbose.

It stands to reason then that impulsive actions are made by people who are thinking and moving fast, by people who are happy. That translates to good choices. When you examine your purchase at home, in a sober, serious mood, you might think differently — but don’t do that. Look at your new hat (or whatever it is) when you’re in a good mood and I think you’ll see how perfect your choice was.

If you agree with this thesis, try taking the mood factor one step further. If you trust your impulsive purchases to be good choices, then put on the hat you bought — when you’re in a sour or depressed mood. If I’m right, simply the recognition and acknowledgment of this hat as a “happy” item will lighten your mood.

Thanks for reading,
Steve (Pollyanna) Singer
CEO Hartford York

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