Don’t Over-Think Your Hat

Men's Dress Hats, Fedoras, Porkpies and Newsboys at - Rod Keenan Fur Felt Fedora Hat for Men - The Montmartre ExclusiveDid you happen to see GQ Style Editor Adam Rapoport on The Early Show last week? Well, either did I, but I found the story on CBS News, where he talked about what’s hot in men’s hats, calling fedorasa fantastic all purpose hat” although the slighter smaller look of the trilby looks great on “younger cooler guys — like Justin Timberlake” and Zac Efron. He thinks porkpies are “a bit trendier” and that newsboys are the new baseball caps.

Then he gives advice on how to wear hats, saying:

If you wear a fedora straight on your head, it looks more professional. If you tilt it to the side, then you look more hip and cool. You want to make sure you have a little flare.

Finally, Adam notes that:

People get confused and they over-think hats, and try to pair the outfit perfectly. You can wear the same fedora to work as you do with a leather jacket — it’s all about the way you tip it! It’s versatile.

Mr. Rapoport’s right on the money, of course. Except for the over-thinking part. All my friends (and hats) can tell you I hardly ever over-think anything.

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  1. I enjoy looking at your hats on line. Think I may have even bought one once. Although I’ve never much cared for fedoras for me (I think I look best in a homberg or Stetson “open road”) but I do agree about not over-thinking a hat. I think over-thinking can be a problem with any subject and I am often guilty of it. I think and ponder about things way too long. Wish I didn’t–but in 56 years I’ve never figured out a way for me to avoid it. I do it unconciously. Oh well, Happy New Year.

    • Thanks, Dan. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year to you too. As for the over-thinking bit, we’re all guilty of it — human nature, I guess. Sometimes we obsess about important issues, and other times simply how we think we look or appear to others.

      As I get more comfortable in my skin, I tend to dwell less on what other people think: if I like the face in the mirror (and more importantly, what’s behind the eyes), I’m content.

      If the hat feels good on, wear it.

      Thanks for reading,

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