The Warmest Hat in the World

Men's Winter Hats at - Crown Cap Fur Hat for Men - The Mink TrooperWhat’s the warmest hat in the world? The lambs wool Ambassador? The beaver trooper? Or maybe it’s the trooper hat in mink shown here that is actually the warmest winter hat in the world.

Mink fur has water repellent properties as well as insulating the wearer against low temperatures. There are two types of hairs in mink fur: the first, guard hairs, are responsible for keeping the denser underfur hairs dry. The function of the underfur hairs (which grow in a ratio of up to 24 to each guard hair) is to retain heat.

The mink trooper is one of the most expensive hats you can buy, but it basically lasts forever and you simply won’t get cold. Besides, everyone will envy you and wish they were you. Nuff said right there–gimme one of dem dere furry hats!

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Steve Singer
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