The Wisdom From Hats

Fur Felt Fedoras for Men - Men's Stetson Pure Beaver Fedora - The Pullman from HartfordYork.comIn his article Wisdom: The Folklore Of Hats, Michael Hickey sets out a very nice compilation of hat facts, from the origin of the word “hat” (Saxon meaning “hood”) to the old saw, If you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat, to how a cap figures in the word “handicap”.

Like me, you may heard of most of these tidbits, but I don’t think I’d ever seen the connection between Milan and milliner. Hickey says:

The maker of men’s hats is called a haberdasher. Traveling haberdashers were originally from Milan, Italy and this gave rise to the making of women’s hats, and so the maker of women’s hats was called a “milliner.” The term was first recorded in 1529 and referred to the products for which Milan and the northern Italian regions were well-known, i.e., ribbons, gloves and straws.

And finally, take a minute to read Michael’s poem, Raising Papa. I believe it’s this poem that shows us the wisdom.

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