The Hats in Paris

Borsalino Fall and Winter Hats - Men's Fur Felt Dress Fedora at HartfordYork.comAfter visting one of the most extravagantly beautiful cities in the world, writer Barry Ronge of The Times wrote about how Parisians exemplify the sexiness of style in his article, Paris, C’est Chic.

He talks about the simple boot, for example, saying:

Boots in France are not things that protect your feet. They are declarations of wealth, status and power. Unless you are properly shod, you will never get your foot in the door of the haute société.

And then he moves on to hats:

The same goes for hats. French men wear dashing Borsalino hats or chic little Trilbies in wonderfully woven fabrics. The women go for elegantly crumpled little velvet concoctions, usually in black, that hug the head and are adorned with beautifully created flowers, subtle embroidered medallions or plaited ribbon trims that define the shape of the head without shrieking: “Look at the fabulous hat I am wearing.”

From that last bit, I think Mr. Ronge is okay if a man shrieks about his fabulous hat, but he’s not so much a fan of women doing so. That point may call for some discussion, but not before I chew on his next sentence:

They have mastered the art of dressing way, way up, but in a style so discreet and ingeniously engineered that it looks totally effortless.

This last statement makes me wonder if perhaps my heritage doesn’t contain a little more francophone than the folks let on. . .cuz you just know how effortlessly chic I am in my Borsalino hat.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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