Hats Are A Great Big Look-At-Me

Men's Hats - Mr. Green Sewn Braid Fedora - The Donovan HatAlthough she says she can’t do hats herself, writer Jess Cartner-Morley admits in her article called Hats: The Way To Do It that “hats are becoming normalized again“, influenced by celebrity style “for once”, she concedes, “a force for good.”

Funny to think that the wearing of hats once signified respectability and due deference to occasion. These days, they mean quite the opposite: hats are for show-offs. To wear a hat on any occasion other than a wedding or at the races is one great big look-at-me. Forget about hiding below the brim; hats make you more visible, not less.

I agree that hats can be worn to make a statement, but isn’t that true of anything? Whatever we wear — from shoes to jackets to pants — I think we all emphasize comfort and good looks. I mean, I’d much rather field a compliment than otherwise, wouldn’t you?

Yes, I think hats are showy. That’s not necessarily the same thing as calling a person who wears hat a show-off. All that being said, I do like showing off my showy hats, but I don’t like to think of myself as a show-off.

Well, I’d better shove off now!

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Steve Singer
Showman Extraordinaire
and CEO Hartford York

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  1. I have always worn my hats simply because I enjoy wearing them, and don’t feel “complete” if I go outside without one.

    It is hard to walk around town with that “incomplete” feeling… and a hat makes it go away.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, M.J. Some things in life you’ve just got to do before venturing outside: brush the old teeth, scrap away at the beard, and then put on a hat. Pants are good, too. But the hat’s the true necessity!

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