I Like Hats For What They’re Not

Men's Colonel Littleton Woven Straw Panama Summer Hat - The Lynnville Panama Western HatHats are not related in any way to Giant Toasted Leaf-Cutter Ants.

Nor are they made from Mopani Worms, Reindeer Paté or even Thai Green Crocodile Curry. Certain people who wear hats might, of course, consume Lizard Wine, Civet Coffee or Monkey-Picked Tea Wash, but the hat itself is absolved from any such participation.

Yes, I was browsing Trendwatching.com again, and when I got to No. 17 in the section called Itgredients, where the food and beverages industry was singled out for “catering to consumers’ endless lust for experimentation and desperate attempts to consume anything that other people haven’t”, I was mighty glad I’ve been faithful to my hats all these years.

Sure, there’s been innovation and experimentation with caps and hats over time, sometimes with the crown shape, brim size or material and colors, but I would proudly wear each and every product I sell on my site (yes, even the women’s hats, although not far outside the house).

In all honesty, however, I don’t think I could consume a small bag of worms (sold, by the way, for a mere $20).

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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