There’s A Hat For Everybody (But Not Emus)

Men's Hats - Linen Newsboy Cap - The Anthony Peto La Louvre ChapeauUK hatter, Anthony Okwesia, explains how he helps people find hats to suit them:

Measure their head, look at what they’ve got on, the shape of their face, see what style they like. Generally it’s all about feel and attitude because you’ll know when you put the right one on.

In an article about him (called Anthony The Hat Man in The Manchester Confidential), he goes on to talk about who buys what from him, saying:

I cater from anyone from 6-60. In Liverpool I tend to find you get students, emos, goths, . . . a lot of thespian kind of people . . . all sorts: the trendies, the bohemians, all the hippy types . . . everyone comes and buys. The older generation like their hats. The Chinese like their hats. And then you get all the tourists . . . Spanish people love hats. Irish people love their hats [especially trilbies and flat caps]. Actually I’d say Spanish and Irish buy the most.

I understood all of the foregoing — everything but the “emos” reference.

At first, I thought Anthony was somehow selling hats to emus, but then realized he actually wasn’t referring to the large Australian flightless bird (similar to the ostrich but smaller), but in fact to those youth whose lifestyle embraces a subculture which embodyies emotional sensitivity (ie., emos). *whew* What a difference a letter makes, I’ll tell ya!

Ah well! Live and learn, I say.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Budding Ornithologist and
CEO Hartford York

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