The Vanity of Hats

Stetson Men's Ivy Cap - The Bandera Linen Ivy at HartfordYork.comWell, now. Something very interesting about the difference between the sexes from the minds behind Gullible Info, where they intone:

Women who lie about their age shave an average 4.4 years off their age. Fewer men lie about their age than women but those who do lie shave off an average 6.2 years.

At first, I thought this fact correlated quite smoothly with my own observation that although women tend to have more hats than men, more men than women actually wear hats (ie., more men are style-driven and thus vainer than women). However, that’s really not the case.

The resurgence of both the trilby and newsboy amongst younger males (first musicians and then actors) seems to be part of a selected lifestyle. Women, on the other hand, make more a one-off fashion statement when they wear hats, and so their decision to wear a hat is subject to daily change.

Although I’m sure my findings are profound and may impact the worlds of both fashion and psychiatry on deep and meaningful levels, I’m a bit too distracted to study the issue further. You see, I can’t really decide if I should wear my straw porkpie or my panama hat today, and until I choose, I’m simply all a-flutter.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Hand Wringer and
CEO Hartford York

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