The Hats That Dictate

Men's Colonel Littleton Woven Straw Summer Hat - The Lynnville Panama from HartfordYork.comI remember reading a snippet attributed to country singer superstar, Tim McGraw, where he said: I don’t let my hat dictate the kind of music I do or who I am.

This is from the man who teamed up a few years back with hip-hop artist Nelly (initially to scathing predictions and outright disbelief) — and wound up creating the smash cross-over hit Over and Over. The man really practices what he preaches.

The fact that Tim McGraw is primarily associated with one type of music and lifestyle (including the cowboy hats he wears on and off stage) simply does not interfere with his personal range of vision and ability to produce something well outside his (and everyone else’s) comfort zone. He knew he was so much more than people’s preconceived notions, and he proved it with stunning success.

Today’s lesson? Believe in yourself. Wear the hat you like. Do what you really want to do.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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