Sunbrella or Straw Hat?

Summer Straw Hats for Men - Scala Panama Safari Hat - The Copacabana at HartfordYork.comAfter the fiasco on the beach today (rogue wind that turned my Daffy Duck beach umbrella — with beak — into one quacking big missile), I’m pretty sure even a personal sun umbrella (or parasol) is beyond me.

Thank goodness for straw hats: they’re light and breezy, provide no-hands shade and rarely do they suddenly become assault weapons. Straw hats are also good for my health: look at my hands, they’re still shaking from the strain of nearly shish kebabing innocent bathers. That kind of stress level can’t be good for a person.

Take it from me: straw hats save lives. Wear one today (and scan the sky).

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Shaken and Very Nearly Stirred
CEO Hartford York

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  1. I was out on the Beach yesterday (I live in Boca Raton) and spotted a very cool looking Straw hat.The man sais it was a Sunbrella hat! But couldnt remember where he got it! Any Ideas? JC

  2. Hi, Jim. Any hat with a good size brim can be called a sunbrella hat — I’ve seen some Puma bucket hats that are advertised as such, but I don’t think the brim is wide enough to really be effective.

    Personally, I like Panama straw hats like The Christys’ Outback. There’s also a twisted seagrass fedora by Scala, where the underbrim and crown tip have been treated with Rayosan (a process that enhances fabric SPF).

    Links to the hats are below:

    Thanks for reading,
    Steve Singer

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