Farmers Update Images (including their Straw Hats)

Straw Hats - Men's Milano Handwoven Straw Western Dress Hat - The RivieraIn Australia, there’s a movement afoot to overhaul the image of farming, and its not simply a change in fashion we’re talking about here–those in the know say modernizing the stereotype is “critical to the future of farming.”

In fact, Simon Ramsey, president of The Victorian Farmers Federation, wants to showcase farming as an important career choice and “…as a modern, sophisticated profession“. To that end, he has started an initiative called Young Agribusiness Professionals and brought in an image consultant who says that “despite the image, farming [is] a serious business with the opportunity to create significant wealth…” and that “…farmers need to recognise the importance [of] image…”

In other words: “…look like you mean business.”

Them’s fighting words–and smart words too. Hopefully farmers here in the good ol’ USofA will heed me seriously now when I counsel them to replace their John Deere’s with something a tad more sophisticated.

Thanks for reading,
Monsieur Steve (Cosmopolitan) Singer
CEO Hartford York

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