Cowboy Hats for Rodeo Riders a Thing of the Past?

» Cowboy Hats - Men's Greeley Fur Felt Dress Western Hat - The Gentleman RancherRodeo, a sport in which the cowboy hat is as much an icon as a bucking bronco, is also a sport reluctant to require its riders to wear helmets–not that at least half the pro bull riders have a problem with that. In fact, most cowboys agree with the way bull rider Justin Koon used to feel: “I would never put [a helmet] on because I wanted to look like a cowboy, with my boots, long-sleeved shirt and cowboy hat.

Although some riders have excuses like helmets are heavy or they impede vision or don’t really do much to prevent catastrophic injuries, most don’t say anything at all–except they just really, really like their cowboy hats.

I challenge some designer to create a cowboy hat helmet — a hybrid if you will — that is as stylish as it is safe, and let those boys ride!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York
and Cowboy At Heart

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  1. I work as a marshal at River Walk golf course, San Diego,Ca. We are recuired to wear helmets,a western style helmet woud be real nice.

  2. I’m gonna be talking to people on this, Joe. We may be on to something. Keep ya posted!

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