Hats Are More Important Than Food

Men's Dress Fedoras and Hats - Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The CasualGreat news!

The American public has finally come to its senses, declaring in one, unified voice that hats are indeed more important than food.

In a ShopTalk Blog article called Where are Americans putting their spare dollars?, Aarthi Sivaraman says that “a survey conducted online by HSBC in December found that the fear of recession has spooked Americans into deciding that they should save significantly more in 2008.”

He goes on to warn that

U.S. consumers said they were prepared to make changes to their lifestyle to save more, the survey found, so retail companies and restaurants — watch out!

Numbers cited are:

  • 64 percent of these folks plan to reduce spending on ‘indulgences’
  • 33 percent will cut back on shopping
  • 41 percent will think twice about eating out

OK, first of all, hats have never been considered an ‘indulgence’, so that 64 percent is something I don’t have to worry about.

Next–the 41 percent who’ll think twice about eating out are obviously wise people who recognize the value of hats, who like to shop for hats and will continue doing so, no matter how thin (and stylish) they look.

Lastly, the 33 percent of people who will cut back on shopping are:

1. in the minority (and obviously misinformed as to life priorities);

2. if push comes to shove, will likely cut back on shopping for stuff that nobody sees, like underwear and socks, and will keep buying hats.

ERGO, hat retailers have nothing to worry about.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Market Whiz, Trend Analyst
and CEO Hartford York

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