Nanotech Hats Coming Soon (I think)

Men's Dress Hats - Biltmore Velour Fur Felt Fedora - The Designer HatWe’re finally getting somewhere with piezoelectric (ie., electricity generated when pressure is applied to certain materials) and nanotechnology.

Scientists have developed a way to generate electricity by simply wearing your clothes, which most of us tend to do. Using microfiber nanogenerators composed of entangled fibers coated with zinc oxidenanowires (and half additionally coated with gold), an electrical current is generated when the fibers are rubbed together.

“The beauty of this…,” says Georgia Tech University professor ZhongLin Wang, “is that if you have wind, or you have sonic waves, or you have vibrations, that works…you do not need a very large force…”

Okay, hands up for those of you who wear hats in winter or fall days. What about sun hats in spring and summer? Do you get the direction I’m traveling in here, folks?

If “one square meter of nanowire-infused fabric [produces] around 80 milliwatts of electricity, enough to recharge portable music players,” America can again be a county of cheap and plentiful energy if everybody wore a nanotech hat.

The future’s suddenly bright.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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