A Return to Old-fashioned Hat Etiquette?

Borsalino Plaid Caps - Men's Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Super MarioPlease remove all hats and head coverings.

So reads a sign in Applebee’s restaurant in New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant; however, admits owner Zane Tankelin in a recent New York Times article, asking patrons to remove their hats and head coverings isn’t meant only to prompt a return to old-fashioned hat etiquette. As a matter of fact, the “no-hat rule was instituted to discourage baseball caps, because their colors can signal gang affiliations”.

At a neighborhood community board meeting to discuss the issue, one member–who had walked out of the restaurant when he was told to remove his fedora–said: “I think that’s awfully paternalistic. Would it make the food taste better if we took our hats off?

But several people entering the restaurant, many coming from church, said they were fine with [the no-hat rule]. Said Rod Rosemond, 50, as he prepared to doff his plaid cap, “I wouldn’t eat with any hat on, anyway.”

Mr. Rosemond, I couldn’t agree with you more. Applebee’s, while not Bastide, Charlie Trotter’s or The Herbfarm, is a restaurant in which simple manners should dictate the immediate removal of all headwear upon entry.

Only one exemption exists, of course. The chef’s toque may remain firmly in place.

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Steve Singer
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