It Takes Patience To Find Your Beret Groove

Wool Berets for Men and Women - Kangol Men's Beret - The Tropic Monty BeretErin Weinger of The Los Angeles Times says of the the beret: it “can change the look of an outfit and add personality to lackluster ensembles in an instant, but don’t be deceived: simple in design, berets are tricky to get right.”

Hat and accessory designer Eugenia Kim uses size as a guide for which beret to wear, matching a pared-down outfit with a smaller beret.

She calls the beret a “great cosmetic” too, saying: “If you have a round face, you can lose 5 pounds by wearing one [because] a chunky beret makes the face look slimmer.” She gives the example of a plush popcorn knitted style, saying that it “adds bulk to the top of the head and diverts eyes from the face.”

Additionally, if you want to cover a blemish like a “lazy eye or weird cowlick,” the beret is a great way to do it.

More suggestions and advice, including why eggplant is a good color and which beret is deemed “seductive“, are yours for the reading in Ms. Weinger’s article called Don’t Let That Chic Beret Become An Ugly Noggin Blob. (Really, that’s what she wrote; I didn’t make it up.)

You know I’d love to riff on the choice of title here, but I’m off to see if I have any bangs left to peek–coyly–from my beret a la Hilary Duff.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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