Hatless Wonders, Take Heart

Hats and Caps for Men - Men's Borsalino Leather Ivy Cap - The ZorziThere’s a wee primer on how the hatless should choose headwear. It’s good advice by Canadian hat shop owner, Sandra Mattar. In the Edmonton Journal article, Ms. Mattar reiterates what the hatted amongst us know so well:

“The best way to pick the perfect hat is to practice [by] throwing some hats on your head, and taking risks.”

A starting point might be experimenting with one of the most popular styles, which for men is the ivy cap and, increasingly, the fedora.

After you’ve chosen a style, it’s just as important that the hat fit properly. “You will very quickly know when a hat doesn’t fit, because it’ll either be really just too big and it’s falling in your face, or it’ll be uncomfortably tight,” says Mattar. “The hat should not squeeze your brains out, but it shouldn’t just fly off your head, either.

She cautions against being too adventurous, though. If you’re not really happy with how your hat matches your personality and wardrobe, you’ll likely wind up not wearing it at all.

“As nice as it is to take risks and chances, when something’s on your head, everyone’s going to see it,” says Mattar matter-of-factly. “And although we encourage you to try something different, we still want you to stay within a zone where you’re going to actually wear it.”

Smart lady.

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Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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